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Report: During Spring Banking Crisis, Banks Borrowed Over $1 Trillion from Federal Home Loan Banks — $100 Billion More than During the Crash of 2008

JPMorgan Chase Has Lost a Quarter Trillion Dollars in Deposits in Last 7 Quarters — Fortress Balance Sheet or Leaky Sieve?

Grab an Easy Chair and Watch 21 Experts Explore the Path from the Collapse of Lehman Brothers to This Spring’s Banking Crisis to the Urgency of Defanging the Mega Banks

Former New York Fed Pres Bill Dudley Calls This the First Banking Crisis Since 2008; Charts Show It’s the Third

A Growing Lack of Confidence in the Fed Is Spilling Over into a Lack of Confidence in U.S. Banks

Congress Sweats the Small Stuff as Four Wall Street Mega Banks Have a Combined $3.3 Trillion in Uninsured Deposits

Moody’s Downgrades Entire U.S. Banking System; Credit Suisse Plummets. Welcome to Banking Crisis 3.0

Two Fed-Supervised Banks Blew Up Last Week; Two More Dropped Over 40 Percent Yesterday; and the Fed Wants to Investigate Itself — Again

Powell Says Fed Doesn’t Have a Credibility Problem with the American People – Despite Gallup Poll Showing Lowest Confidence Since 2008 Financial Crisis

While JPMorgan Chase Was Getting Trillions of Dollars in Loans at Almost Zero Percent Interest from the Fed, It Was Charging Americans Hit by the Pandemic 17 Percent on their Credit Cards

Why Didn’t Vanguard, the Largest Mutual Fund Family in the U.S., Need to Borrow from the Fed while the Wall Street Titans Did?

Just Six Wall Street Firms Borrowed $116.83 Billion from the Fed’s Money Market Bailout Fund – 72 Percent of the Total

Here’s a List of Toxic Assets that Blew Up in Money Market Funds at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Others that the Fed Bailed Out

News Blackout: On the First Day of the Fed’s Money Market Fund Bailouts, JPMorgan Funds Borrowed $8.97 Billion – 32 Percent of the Total

These Charts Show How the Fed’s Secrecy Has Killed the Price Discovery Function of the Stock Market

New Data Shows Fed Chair Powell Misled Congress on the Condition of the Megabanks and their Need for Emergency Loans

In a Six-Day Span in March 2020, the Dow Crashed 5,676 Points; the Fed Responded with Almost $1 Trillion in Repo Loans to 24 Trading Houses

The Fed’s Secret Repo Loans, another News Blackout, and a French Bank Scandal

A Nomura Document May Shed Light on the Repo Blowup and Fed Bailout of the Gang of Six in 2019

Nomura, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs Received a Cumulative $8 Trillion from the Fed’s Emergency Repo Loans in Fourth Quarter of 2019

Economist Michael Hudson Says the Fed “Broke the Law” with its Repo Loans to Wall Street Trading Houses

$2.7 Billion in Credit Default Swaps Blew Up One Day Before the Fed Launched Its Repo Loan Bailouts in 2019

Mainstream Media Has Morphed from Battling the Fed in Court in 2008 to Groveling at its Feet Today

On March 31, the Fed Has to Name Names under Four of its Emergency Loan Programs to Wall Street. Will the Media Censor that News Also?

These Charts Are the Smoking Guns in the Fed’s 2019-2020 Emergency Repo Loan Bailouts

Wall Street Banks Have an Alibi for their $11.23 Trillion in Emergency Repo Loans from the Fed – It’s a Doozy

Redditors Raged Against the News Blackout of the Fed’s Bailout – Then All Hell Broke Loose When They Learned the Wall Street Banks Literally Own the New York Fed

There’s a News Blackout on the Fed’s Naming of the Banks that Got Its Emergency Repo Loans; Some Journalists Appear to Be Under Gag Orders

By Pancaking Term Loans, JPMorgan Had $30 Billion Outstanding from the Fed’s Emergency Repo Loans in the Last Quarter of 2019

The Fed Is About to Reveal Which Wall Street Banks Needed $4.5 Trillion in Repo Loans in Q4 2019

Jerome Powell and Jamie Dimon Met Privately on September 30. Weird Stuff Followed.

Quietly, the Fed Releases the Names of Banks that Got Billions in Emergency Repo Loans in 2019

Three of the Fed’s Wall Street Bailout Programs Vanish from Its Monthly Reports to Congress

The Fed Announces Plans to Permanently Backstop Wall Street with a Standing Repo Loan Facility of $500 Billion…Starting Tomorrow

Janet Yellen’s Slush Fund to Meddle in Markets Got a $490 Billion Haircut

After Mnuchin Demanded that Fed Chair Powell Return Hundreds of Billions from Its Emergency Lending Facilities, Fed Sends Back Just $41.3 Billion

Congress Passed Legislation Making the Treasury Secretary the Boss of the Federal Reserve During a Financial Crisis: That’s Creating Its Own Crisis

The Language Toomey Inserted into the Stimulus Bill Enshrines a $681 Billion Trading Slush Fund for Mnuchin with the NY Fed

Mission Creep or Creepy Mission: The New York Fed’s Trading Desk Has Ballooned to $6.59 Trillion Today from $576 Billion in 2008

Watchdog Report: Fed’s Billions in Emergency Repo Loans to Wall Street Didn’t Go Away in June; They Just Went Dark

75% of the $454 Billion CARES Act Money Never Went to the Fed; It Was Invested by a Mnuchin Slush Fund Called the ESF

Despite Its Five Felony Counts, the Federal Reserve Has Entrusted $2 Trillion in Bonds to JPMorgan Chase

Congresswoman Katie Porter Says Fed Is Playing “Kingmaker on Wall Street” and “Appears Corrupt”

The Fed Wants the Public to Know It Can Withhold Information Under an Executive Order and Defy Subpoenas from Courts and Congress

The New York Fed, Pumping Out More than $9 Trillion in Bailouts Since September, Gets Market Advice from Giant Hedge Funds

Shhh! Don’t Tell the Fed these Wall Street Banks Have Tanked 34 to 48 Percent Year-to-Date. (The Fed Thinks They’re a “Source of Strength”)

The Fed Announces New Bank Stress Tests: Will Look at What Would Happen if a Major Counterparty Defaulted

The Fed Has Loaned $1.2 Billion from its TALF Bailout Program to a Tiny Company with Four Employees

The Fed Does Not Ride to the Rescue of Wall Street Yesterday: What’s Up?

The Fed Provides an Unlimited Money Lifeline to Wall Street; 30 Million Americans Facing Eviction Get a No-Money 4-Month Plan

Bombshell Report: Fed Is Aware that Big Banks Are Rigging their Stress Tests and Letting Them Get Away with It

Fed Chair Powell Had 4 Private Phone Calls with BlackRock’s CEO Since March as BlackRock Manages Upwards of $25 Million of Powell’s Personal Money and Lands 3 No-Bid Deals with the Fed

The Fed Created an Emergency Lending Program to Hold Interest Rates Down; the Tiny Country of Sri Lanka Was the Major User

Wall Street Banks that Got the Biggest Fed Bailouts Have Been Dogs to Shareholders Over the Past 15 Years

The Fed Has Secreted Away the Transactions of Three of Its Emergency Lending Programs

New York Times Rewrites the Timeline of the Fed’s Wall Street Bailouts, Giving Banks a Free Pass

Dodd-Frank Is 10 Years Old Today and the Fed Is Back to Bailing Out Wall Street

The Fed Rides to the Rescue of JPMorgan and Citi Again – This Time It’s Their Commercial Real Estate Mortgages

(Shhh! Don’t Tell Wall Street that the Fed is Tightening.) Repo Loans Hit Zero; Fed Balance Sheet Shrinks by $248 Billion in a Month

Citigroup Has Made a Sap of the Fed: It’s Borrowing at 0.35 % from the Fed While Charging Struggling Consumers 27.4 % on Credit Cards

10 Key Questions House Reps Should Ask Powell and Mnuchin Tomorrow

Fed Launches Corporate Bond Buying Program, Gobbling Up Fossil Fuels and Tobacco Bonds

Bloomberg Drops a Bombshell on the Fed’s Big Bank Stress Tests Set for Release Today

$340 Billion of the $454 Billion that Mnuchin Was to Turn Over to the Fed is Unaccounted For

If the Fed Is Being Honest that Citigroup is Well Capitalized, Why Did It Need $3 Billion from the Fed’s Paycheck Protection Program?

The Fed’s Paycheck Protection Program Gave a Tiny NJ Bank $5.3 Billion – 9 Percent of all the Money It’s Spent Thus Far

The Federal Reserve Has Its Own Police and Is Part of a Vast Surveillance Center – Should You Worry?

Wall Street Banks Tank One Day After Fed Chair Says They’re “a Source of Strength”

The Fed Just Pulled Off Another Backdoor Bailout of Wall Street

Fed’s Repo Loans to Wall Street Skyrocket by 230 Percent Week Over Week

BlackRock Is Bailing Out Its ETFs with Fed Money and Taxpayers Eating Losses; It’s Also the Sole Manager for $335 Billion of Federal Employees’ Retirement Funds

Fed Admits Corporate Bond Buying Will Be at Least a 5-Year Debt Bailout

Fed Chair Powell Promises “Transparency,” then Draws the Dark Curtain Tighter

In Last Bailout, the Fed Outsourced Management to the Banks Being Bailed Out – then Paid them Huge Fees for their Work

Taxpayers Are on the Hook for 98 Percent of the Fed’s $6.98 Trillion Balance Sheet

The Fed’s Chair and Vice Chair Got Rich at Carlyle Group, a Private Equity Fund with a String of Bankruptcies and Job Losses

Wall Street Banks Paid $11.7 Billion in Dividends to Investors this Year while Taxpayers Must Absorb $454 Billion of Bank Losses

Evidence Suggests U.S. Financial Crisis Started on August 14, 2019

The Fed Hasn’t Spent a Dime Yet for Main Street Versus $735 Billion for Wall Street

BlackRock Begins Buying Junk Bond ETFs for the Fed Today: It’s Already at Work for the Central Bank of Israel

Fed Report Shows Magical Thinking on Safety of Wall Street’s Banks

Meet the Fed’s Global Plunge Protection Team

U.S. Financial System “Monitor” Failed to Flash Warning as Fed Pumped $6 Trillion Emergency Liquidity into Wall Street

Congress Sets Up Taxpayers to Eat $454 Billion of Wall Street’s Losses. Where Is the Outrage?

Fed Chair Powell Has Upwards of $11.6 Million Invested with BlackRock, the Firm that Will Manage a $750 Billion Corporate Bond Bailout Program for the Fed

JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Fossil Fuel Industry Get Bailed Out Under Fed’s “Main Street” Lending Program

Wall Street’s Financial Crisis Preceded COVID-19: Chart and Timeline

Fed’s Powell Tells Reporters Fed Has Only “Lending Powers” – So How Does It Own $5.5 Trillion of Securities?

This Chart Shows How the Fed Manipulated Junk Bonds to Help the Dow

Gundlach: Fed’s Corporate Bond Buying Program Is Illegal; Fed Says Program Isn’t Operational

The New York Fed Is Exercising Powers Never Bestowed on It by any Law

Fed Plans to Release Names of Bailout Recipients – Just Not on $9 Trillion in Secret Loans

Instead of Draining the Swamp, the Swamp Is Draining the U.S. Treasury via the New York Fed

Americans Are Paying a Tragic Price for Allowing Five Banks to Control the U.S. Economy

Fed’s Balance Sheet Grows by $2.4 Trillion in One Year to a Stunning $6.4 Trillion

American Workers Get a 4-Month Safety Net; Wall Street Gets a 4 to 5-Year Bailout

The Fed Is Killing the Two Main Functions of Wall Street: Price Discovery and Prudent Capital Allocation

Fed Chair Powell Tells Whoppers This Morning on the Brookings Institution Webcast

The New York Fed, Owned by Multinational Banks, Is Nationalizing Capital Markets

Janet Yellen Decided to Share Her Worst Nightmares on CNBC Today

The Fed Apparently Thinks It’s Going to Lose $454 Billion on Its Wall Street Bailout

Citigroup, an Admitted Felon with a History of Abusing Customers, Is Handling Billions from the Stimulus Bill

Wall Street Had Cut 68,000 Jobs and Received Trillions in Emergency Loans Prior to COVID-19 Anywhere in the World

The Dark Secrets in the Fed’s Last Wall Street Bailout Are Getting a Devious Makeover in Today’s Bailout

Icahn Called BlackRock “An Extremely Dangerous Company”; the Fed Has Chosen It to Manage Its Corporate Bond Bailout Programs

The Federal Reserve Now Owns 15 Percent of the U.S. Treasury Market; At Its Current Rate, It Could Own the Whole Market in Less than Two Years

New York Fed Has Allowed Dangerous Wall Street Banks to Have Lower Loan Loss Reserves than at time of 2008 Crash

Stimulus Bill Allows Federal Reserve to Conduct Meetings in Secret; Gives Fed $454 Billion Slush Fund for Wall Street Bailouts

JPMorgan Chase and Citibank Have $2.96 Trillion in Exposure to Credit Default Swaps

Five Mega Wall Street Bank Stocks Have Lost Average of 45 Percent in Five Weeks

Fed’s Balance Sheet Skyrockets to $4.7 Trillion

Wall Street’s Crisis Began Four Months Before the First Reported Death from Coronavirus in China; Here’s the Proof

Fed Announces Program for Wall Street Banks to Pledge Plunging Stocks to Get Trillions in Loans at ¼ Percent Interest

The Fed Tried to Give Away $1 Trillion to Wall Street Today and Failed, Suggesting Specific Banks Are In Trouble

Fed Sets Off Panic with Plan to Eliminate Reserves at Wall Street’s Mega Banks

The Fed Has Pumped $9 Trillion into Wall Street Over the Past Six Months, But Mnuchin Says “This Isn’t Like the Financial Crisis”

The Fed Has 233 Secret Documents about JPMorgan’s Potential Role in the Repo Loan Crisis

Federal Reserve Announces Unprecedented $1.5 Trillion in Loans to Wall Street Today and Tomorrow

Another Dangerous Virus Hits the U.S. – Wall Street Bank Contagion

Federal Reserve to Offer $270 Billion in Loans to Wall Street Tomorrow

Demand for Fed’s Repo Loans Surges Past $100 Billion a Day as 10-Year Treasury Hits Lowest Rate in 149 Years

Fed Repos Have Plowed $6.6 Trillion to Wall Street in Four Months; That’s 34% of Its Feeding Tube During Epic Financial Crash

The Man Who Advises the New York Fed Says It and Other Central Banks Are “Fueling a Ponzi Market”

Bernie Sanders Hasn’t Quite Captured What Wall Street Does: It’s Actually a Fraud-Monetization System with a Money-Printing Unit Called the New York Fed

Here’s Why the New York Fed Doesn’t Want You to See a Photo of Its Wall Street-Esque Trading Floor

New York Fed Considering Becoming Sugar Daddy to Hedge Funds as their Distress Grows

Are the Fed’s Repo Loans Being Repaid by Wall Street’s Trading Houses or Just Rolled Over and Over?

Federal Reserve Admits It Pumped More than $6 Trillion to Wall Street in Recent Six Week Period

The Fed Has Made Jamie Dimon $250 Million Richer Through Its Repo Loans

Trump and the Stock Market Are the Winners in the Fed’s Repo Loan Binge; Here Are the Losers

New York Fed’s Fake Borrowing Rates Raise Ghosts of Libor’s Fake Rates

The New York Fed Is Keeping JPMorgan’s Secrets Close to Its Chest

The Fed Fueled Today’s Liquidity Crisis with One Key Moral Hazard Action

New York Fed Plans to Throw $2.93 Trillion at Wall Street’s Trading Houses Over Next Month as New York Times Remains Silent

Congress Held a Hearing on the Fed’s Bailout of the Repo Market: Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard About It

BIS Drops a Bombshell: Four U.S. Mega Banks Are Core of Repo Loan Crisis

Federal Reserve V.P. Grilled at House Hearing on Hundreds of Billions in Fed Loans to Wall Street

In the Midst of the Biggest Wall Street Bailout Since the Financial Crisis, the Fed Presents Alice-in-Wonderland Testimony for Today’s House Hearing

Is the Fed’s $3 Trillion in Loans to Trading Houses on Wall Street Legal?

“Intra-day Bankruptcy”: A 2008 Email from the Fed Provides Insight into Today’s Overnight Repo Scare

The Disturbing Advance Men for the Fed’s $3 Trillion (and Counting) Wall Street Bailout

This Chart Shows How the Fed Has Spooked the Commercial Paper Market

These Are the Banks that Own the New York Fed and Its Money Button

If the Fed Is Bailing Out the Repo Market, Can Commercial Paper Be Far Behind?

As Fed Pumps $3 Trillion into Repo Market, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Practice Borrowing from the Fed’s Discount Window

Fed’s Powell Says Forensic Work Ongoing on Liquidity Crisis; This Chart Shows Why He’s Worried

The Fed Has Created the Big Lie for Congress on its Repo Loans while the New York Fed Blocks Freedom of Information Requests

JPMorgan Has Radically Changed Its Balance Sheet, Shrinking Its Cash at the Fed by $145 Billion

This Fed President Thinks Wall Street Banks Should Stop Whining for the Fed to Bail Them Out and Plan for their Own Liquidity

The Fed’s Repo Bailout and JPMorgan’s 38 Trading Floors

This Federal Agency Is Investigating Why the Fed Is Bailing Out Wall Street Again

Wall Street’s Liquidity Crisis: It’s Not Getting Better

Dangerous Liaisons: New York Fed and JPMorgan’s Incestuous Relationship

The Fed’s Wall Street Bailout May Go into Overdrive in December

As the Fed Throws Hundreds of Billions a Week at Wall Street Banks for Liquidity, JPMorgan’s IIF Can Afford to Buy El Paso Electric

Fed Loans: These Charts Hold a Big Clue to the Liquidity Squeeze on Wall Street

Fed’s Latest Plan for Bailing Out Wall Street Banks: Let Them Overdraft their Accounts at the Fed

New York Fed’s Repo Loans Are Foaming the Hedge Fund Runways

Federal Reserve Spokesman Explains How It Creates Money Out of Thin Air to Pump Out to Wall Street

The Fed Fears an Explosion on Wall Street: Here’s How JPMorgan Lit the Fuse

Fed Ups Its Wall Street Bailout to $690 Billion a Week as Media Snoozes

Elizabeth Warren Demands Repo Loan Answers as NY Fed Repo Data Disappears

Fed Chair Powell Met with a Sovereign Wealth Fund in August and Had a Call with a Central Bank Holding Tens of Billions in U.S. Stocks 

Fed’s Balance Sheet Spikes by $253 Billion, Now Topping $4 Trillion

The Repo Crisis, Jamie Dimon, and the Bloomberg News Mystery 

News Articles on the Fed’s Secret Trillions in Loans to Wall Street During the Last Crisis Have Been Purged from Bloomberg News

Two Investment Banks Eligible for Today’s Fed Loans Got Over $2 Trillion from the NY Fed in the Last Crisis

In the Midst of a Liquidity Crisis, the Fed Rolls Back Liquidity Requirements at Banks

Where Are the Hundreds of Billions in Loans from the Fed Actually Going on Wall Street?

Fed’s Powell Admits a Bigger Bailout for Wall Street Is Coming; Fed’s Balance Sheet Ballooned by $176 Billion Since September

Connecting the Dots to the Budding Wall Street Crisis

Fed Says It Will Offer $310 Billion More in Term Loans to Wall Street as Over 68,000 Job Cuts Planned at Mega Banks

There’s Nothing Normal About the Fed Pumping Hundreds of Billions Weekly to Unnamed Banks on Wall Street: “Somebody’s Got a Problem”

JPMorgan Chase Has a Pattern of Criminality; Now Wall Street Is Pointing to the Bank as a Cause of the Fed’s Emergency Loans

The Repo Loan Crisis, Dead Bankers, and Deutsche Bank: Timeline of Events

The Fed Is Offering $100 Billion a Day in Emergency Loans to Unnamed Banks and Congress Is Not Curious Enough to Hold a Hearing

Wall Street Bank Stocks Closed in a Sea of Red Yesterday as Fed Pumps in Another $105 Billion of Liquidity

What Has Frightened Wall Street Banks from Lending in the Repo Market?

The Fed’s “Emergency” Actions this Week Were Dated 48 Days Earlier

The Fed Intervened in Overnight Lending for First Time Since the Crash. Why It Matters to You.  

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