Nathan Sproul, at the Center of Voter Registration Fraud Probes, Created a Dizzying Web of Limited Liability Companies

Nathan Sproul

By Pam Martens: October 3, 2012

According to the Arizona Secretary of State archives, Nathan Sproul’s address at 80 E. Salado Parkway, Suites 814 and 817, in Tempe, Arizona, has been home to 27 companies. Those companies clearly show Sproul as the agent, principal, or member of the company.  Two other companies incorporated in other states use Sproul’s office address, but do not link him to the firm: Strategic Allied Consulting, registered in Virginia, and Grassroots Outreach LLC, registered in California and Nevada.  

Strategic Allied Consulting has been linked to allegations of voter registration fraud in Florida and Colorado. Sproul has recently come forward to admit his involvement with the firm, indicating that he was asked to keep his association secret by the Republican National Committee (RNC) due to previous allegations of voter registration fraud in prior election cycles. 

As allegations have spread to multiple counties in Florida, with credible evidence of forged documents, Strategic Allied Consulting has been fired by the RNC and state republican committees in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia. 

Receiving much less attention is Grassroots Outreach LLC, which is also using Sproul’s office address in Tempe.  The California Secretary of State’s office shows the firm was registered there on June 11, 2008.  Nevada’s Secretary of State indicates the Manager is Meghan Cox.  According to the web site for Sproul’s primary firm, Lincoln Strategy Group, Cox is a partner there and has been with the firm since its inception, where she “designs, implements and activates strategic initiatives for her clients.” Prior to joining the Sproul firm, Cox worked for Senator John McCain, according to the web site. 

Grassroots Outreach LLC has been funded in this election cycle by both the California Republican Party and at least one other group called the Golden State Voter Participation Project.  It is not currently known if complaints have been made against Grassroots Outreach, but voter registration fraud charges have surfaced in California where dozens of residents of Riverside County are charging they were illegally registered as Republicans – one of the same charges coming from Florida.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a local Democratic group, the Riverside County Progressive Political Action Committee, wrote in a letter to county officials that the GOP registration drive there was “an overt and pervasive voter registration fraud effort.”

The more than two dozen other companies incorporated by Sproul and using his office address in Tempe are tied to real estate development or other business ventures.  One firm, California Brand Development I-99 LLC is tied to franchising Pizza Patrón, a chain of Latino pizza parlors.

Other companies were clearly tied to Republican political efforts, such as Sproul Grassroots Mobilization, LLC, which was incorporated in December 2005 and terminated in October 2011.  Sproul also set up a nonprofit, Strong Leadership for America, Inc., showing a Chad Williams of Phoenix as the President.  The purpose was “to promote the values of limited government and fiscal responsibility.”  For unexplained reasons, the group was dissolved six months after it was created.

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